About Me

Hi i am the author Kcatwoman, I'm a young superhero slash villain slash femme fatale who climbs around your rooftops at night. And I do wear a really tight kcatwoman suit.
(you can definitely tell that I idolize Halle Berry)

Anyway, not only do i love crimefighting, I also like to write or rant about everything. I'm human too, you know. So this blog is about my rants&raves about television, books, blogs, movies, technology, beauty, food...anything! Is it really that hard to get it? (Excuse me for the bad temper)

The K before catwoman is the first letter of my name.So that you could differentiate me, the Pinay kcatwoman to the American catwoman.

Hope we have a good relationship.. I mean, me as a superhero blogger and you my beloved readers. Nothing romantic..Although, maybe.....

See you around! Grrrrrr..

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