About Kcatwoman

Hi i am the author Kcatwoman, I'm a young superhero slash villain slash femme fatale who climbs around your rooftops at night. And I do wear a really tight kcatwoman suit.
(you can definitely tell that I idolize Halle Berry)

Anyway, not only do i love crimefighting, I also like to write or rant about everything. I'm human too, you know. So this blog is about my rants about television, books, blogs, movies, technology, beauty, food...anything! Is it really that hard to get it? (Excuse me for the bad temper)

The K before catwoman is the first letter of my name.So that you could differentiate me, the Pinay kcatwoman to the American catwoman.

Hope we have a good relationship.. I mean, me as a superhero blogger and you my beloved readers. Nothing romantic..Although, maybe.....

See you around! Grrrrrr..

photo from: adrianjames.wordpress.com

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