Kiterunner by Khaleid Hosseini

This book by Khaleid Hosseini is wonderful, dramatic, and powerful. This is a story of brotherhood, forgiveness, and love. It presents a brief view on Afghan history while it proceeds on telling a story about friends in a discriminative society. This is where we have first learned that there is a difference between people in that country not only because of religion but also because of race.

Reading this book made me feel that the lead characters Amir and Hassan are real. What I loved about the story is the way Amir's intentions are presented. Here, Amir's perceptions change through time which, for me, describes the genuine complex nature of, us, humans.

My other favorite parts are the love story between the lead character and his wife ;and Amir's changing relationship with his father.

Khaleid Hosseini is really a great storyteller. I wouldn't mind buying his other books.


chezza said...

I've got the DVD but not seen it yet....Maybe tonight after bloghopping :)

kcatwoman said...

you should watch the movie.. it's one of those book to film flicks that really work. the book and movie are both great. have a nice day there!