Manny P. and Chip T.

Hi Manny,

No matter how many statements are issued out, one thing is certain, ... i smell money, dirty money. And lies -- lots of it.

I hope he stops being a celebrity. Why can't he just be the hero we loved way back when he was boxing in RPN 9? I guess these scandals come with fame. Well, I still hope he wins against Hatton.

From: Kcatwoman,
Rooftops & dark alleys,
Manila, Philippines, zip 1740
To: Chip Tsao,

i think i heard this one before.
Hi Chip.

You call us a nation of servants?. Well, let's just brush your memory. Here's three things for you: Melamine, S.A.R.S, and lead paint in kid's toys! As a patriotic Filipina citizen, this has made my blood boil. So I'm summoning the chinese living here. I'm telling them that if you still want to continue constructing huge malls in my country, you better tell your compatriots in Chinatown on Sunday that you won't send us any more me-la-mine. As a community of immigrant descendants, you don’t flex your muscles at us, Filipino natives, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter from your businesses. Careful tsao, we have chinese hostages in each of our cities.

So Mr. Tsao, it doesn't sound so great right? i am just using your words.
Here's a link of the article: Link

Well anyway, he made an apology to the Filipino Consulate in HongKong. He's forgiven but I hope he becomes more careful next time in the name of responsible journalism.


Curbside Puppet said...

(sigh) i'd rather focus on your pacquiao portion. nice take on pacquiao! i have the same sentiments regarding him.

anne said...

I followed that link and checked out what the guy said. What a douchebag! I like how he tried to play it off like it was satire... Right... I hope the article's page went down because of so much comments flooding it. It'd be interesting to see the actual page though...

Luis Batchoy said...

bakbakan na! Manny go Chip this Tsao's tooth hehehehe

Now show me some lovin and vote for me as RBP's Blog of the week for week 7. Kampanya na toh!

Pinoy Blog said...


When someone says, "It's not for the money, I am sure it's for the money!

---Mike Avenue

Mike Avenue said...

Take care, Choc!

Salamat sa pagsunod! GBU!


klivengood said...

Great words for Cheap (Chip) Tsao. Every time i saw his picture, it made my blood went high..grrr.

Thanks for your comment anyway to my blog...haha i almost forgot to say thank you to you because of that Tsao...

amiable amy said...

Have that post too...GRRRR....

Indo said...

Just leave that guy alone. He's in his own world.

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Che Guevara said...

its true! we are servants. pinoy go away from philippines and find jobs abroad.

we also are puppets of USA.


kcatwoman said...

@ anne: chip tsao's articlewas actually removed from the website

@ luis b: haha, manny vs. chip tsao.

@ mike avenue: i totally agree!

@ klivengood: thanks for also commenting.i also really dislike what chip tsao said that's why a lot of pinoys are enraged

@ indo: tell that to the hardworking ofw's in hongkong.

@ che guevarra: we are servants but we are victims of poverty. these "servants" are the hardworking mothers, fathers and breadwinners for most families. theyre just doing what they think is best

NOMS said...

we have it here but its pay per view on sunday 3am. still looking for "britons" to add on me betting tariff. yay!

sheng said...

Manny sure feels like he is some celebrity, he is though, but for the boxing reason and not for any other reason. I guess he stops being a celebrity, and a politician too. Ack!