Shame on who?

If you watch Hayden Kho's infamous videos and bluetooth them to all of your buddies, then you, my friend, are also taking part in the scandal. Don't disrespect women this way. So don't put all the blame on Dr. Kho. YOU also contribute to the spread of immorality in our society.

Anyway, for a comprehensive post on this topic:

For a hilarious post on this topic:


lucas said...

i accidentally watched it! pero konti lang. okay lang ba yun? ahehehe! kidding! :P

kcatwoman said...

lucas: ito talaga o! di bale may pastor nga na sinabi sa tv na hindi nya daw tinapos e. mas nakakahiya sya

The Pinay Blogger said...

Amen to that! I totally agree. I didn't waste my time watching this stupidity...