Why you should love Mineral Makeup

When you earn online, one of the perks is that you can shop for anything in the internet. Most of the time I search for books for sale, but I also search for girly, health and beauty products that are within my budget (blog earnings).

If ever I have enough online income for a month, I'd go to my favorite online shopping site, Shopwiki and there I will search various types of things that help me with my skin. Well the scorching heat here in this part of Asia is not very friendly to my skin type. (I should definitely search about their sun care products later.)

Anyway, one of my favorite finds is the mineral makeup. Mineral makeup in mall stores are expensive, simply because they're mineral which means they're all natural. And I also love the grain and coverage of this type of makeup. Check out their mineral blush. As you can see, you can find them in small bottles. That's because a little amount is enough, it goes a long way. I found them too in Shopwiki and the price range is really within reach.

I find online shopping affordable and efficient. Imagine, you don't have to go to mall stores where some saleswomen are not so helpful when you're about to test the products they sell. When you check the site, underneath their cosmetics and beauty tools buying guide, they even have a helpful tips on how to apply make up like how to keep your lips stained or how to have smokey eyes, etc. All the info about the ingredients are written there to guide you. There are even different types of brushes being sold. I really, really recommend their mineral make up products.

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cpsanti said...

love love mineral makeup too ;-) at least over the internet, its easy to search for the cheapest and best options ;-)