Pinoy indeed.

You know you're Pinoy if..
1. You call this hairstyle..

GQ or keempee

2. You call your jeans..


3. You call these shoes...

Doll shoes.

they call it: flats or ballet flats
when i searched google for doll shoes, the results showed shoes that are made for dolls that you play with such as these..

4. TNT is spoken like it's a regular term that you can find in the dictionary when it really just means tago ng tago.

"Dad can't go home because he's a TNT"
"Gemma took a tourist visa and went TNT"
and don't deny it, you know someone who is a TNT.

Americans use the term illegal alien. But i think it's too awkward to use that without thinking of a green creature with big eyes and an enormous head.

5. Saying that you slept at a motel would raise eyebrows. when in truth, it's just a a type of hotel whose rooms are less expensive and is more accessible to motorists or for those who want cheap overnight accomodation. (wink wink?)

* Being a Filipino that I am, I also use these terms. There's nothing wrong with using TNT or GQ or anything. it's part of our modern language and culture. Besides, if you think these are weird, the British call their comfort rooms, loo and their TV set, tellie and no one understands them. So there's no problem with our pinoy terms.
Please add to this list :)


James said...

Hahah... Funny!

I have a worse term for that hairstyle; wowee! Ick.

manik_reigun said...

i was a victim of that dreaded keempee hair. hoho

fuchsiaboy said...

lol! language is fluid anyway.

thanks for dropping by my blog ;)

the spool artist said...

lol on the GQ and kempee! yup, i sported that hairstyle too before, and i burned all the photos!

richard said...

i'm a proud and undoubtedly pinoy. btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.. :-)

Ax said...

isn't TNT means Teysi ng Tahanan. yay.

Mon said...

Wow! Si Ax oh Jomo-joke! hehehe... impernes i laughed at it. hehe

I'm so pinoy cuz i like that hairstyle. lol

ria irish said...

kasi naman yung motel sa atin, talagang para sa panandaliang aliw at sa mga nakaw na sandali.

pero sa ibang bansa nga, iba talaga ang motel. motorist's hotel talaga siya.