This Month's Read: Atonement by Ian McEwan

I think that there is no novelist who writes at present who can compare with how beautiful Ian McEwan writes. I don't know which particular writer he reminds me of, but when I started reading Atonement, I feel as if I'm reading a novel worthy of being a classic or probably a 19th century literature. To think that this book is set in 1935 or in the 20th century and it is written within the last decade. I have read a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald and his books are set in the 20's... and yet, being older, he doesn't compare. I have also read Angela's Ashes which has almost the same time and setting as Atonement. It also doesn't compare with this novel.  I just love the way that Mr. McEwan writes.

But then again, I really wouldnt recommend this book to those who want wholesome reading material. Within the first few chapters, there are sexual innuendos and then there's also a love 'scene' in the library. But even if the scene was described in detail, I think it was written in good taste. WheneverIi read a book that has any sex in it, I close it, and sell it. Honestly, I was able to go through with that part because I believe that it was written rather well. Or maybe, my tolerance was really low that day. (my bad)

Though, truth is, I havent even read halfway of the novel. I'm just in the part where "Briony commits her crime" I dont appreciate any spoilers here.

One thing i also like with my copy of the book is that i got it for an awesome bargain (almost like 60% the original) at Booksale. So hurray for that wonderful store.

Any books you wanna discuss?


J.D. Lim said...

I think books written by Sidney Sheldon are good too despite lots of sexual episodes in his books. :D My personal favorite from him is Are You Afraid of the Dark. :)

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kcatwoman said...

@ jd lim: hi there, ive heard so much about sidney sheldon and i will try reading are you afraid of the dark. i hope i will like his style too :) thanks

tomato cafe said...

and suddenly, i'm backreading your blog for all the book reviews. haha. Angelas Ashes too is a good read because it's a memoir spiked with humor (in the midst of poverty). his chapter about "firsts" is just godawesome. :D

kcatwoman said...

@ tomato cafe: hi there!! omg i hope you'd like some of my reviews which im trying not to write about all the time SINCE i know im NOT a big book critic.hehe. ive read angela's ashes too. which part is the one about "firsts"?

Shaid said...

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