Happyslip is married?

it's a surprise, i must admit.

i mean im an avid fan but i was still really shocked just like a lot of her fans and subscribers. i thought she was still young and single given that she hangs out with kevjumba and david choi. she also had a boypren in a video played by kevjumba which made me think that kev and her were almost the same age. but i guess you can still have fun and be a youtube star, a mom, a wife and a nurse. haha i know about her work too. i feel like im stalking her haha.

okay.. in this video,the guy who takes the video is her husband.

and. here's the son.

the comments section was filled with, "youre a mom?" "didnt know you have a son already" .. there are also some comments who are still in denial and say, "you're nephew is so cute" haha.



J.D. Lim said...

Gulat naman ako dito. :D She must be a really cool wife and mom. :)

tomato cafe said...

i wouldnt know how to react had my mom been as cool as her. hahah, anyway, pleasant surprise naman eto ano. apir! returning after a loooooooooong while.

Jules said...

Whoaahh..Didn't know about this. But her son is so cute indeed. =D

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