it's April and I'm filled with GLEE


It's April and im excited about 2 things... Glee is almost back and it's summer. Though I'm not a big fan of heat, im all about vacations, beaches, and ice cold desserts like Halo halo.

Anyway, im so excited about Glee. i cannot fully say that im a gleek cause there was a time ive forgotten what Mercedes' name was. I cant even remember the name of the guidance counselor at their school. But what i know is that Glee is one of TV's finest. My friend first described the show to me as "High School musical but more genuine and less wholesome". After only a few episodes and after watching Mercedes sing "I bust the window of your car", i was glued... like their millions of fans across the globe.

Likes and Hates
At the beginning, my opinion is that the song numbers werent performed/edited/or shown that well. i am very sure that they were horribly lip synched and Lea's full singing prowess wasnt given justice. I didnt like those parts of the show but some songs got me hooked. i thought the performances were mediocre. Kristin Chenoweth of Wicked also made a guest appearance but there wasnt any justice to the way the song was shown and to her true performing talent. She appeared less talented than she is. The best Tv show that has great song performances and musical editing was Pushing Daisies. Watch it so you'd know what im talking about. That highlighted the talents and performance of all of their singers and they didnt appear as if they were lip synching and you could feel the true meanings of each song being sung.

Anyway, I must say that whatever it is that they lacked, they made up for their story, characters and humor. I love the tensions and fights between Mr. Schu and Sue Sylvester, leader of the Cheerios. She's such a lovable antagonist and i wouldnt have her any other way. Her sarcasm is hilarious.I also think that Mr. Schu's wife is one of the funniest in the show and unlike others, I dont want Mr. Schuester and her to break up for that guidance counselor, Emma.   They also got away with the plot that Finn believes Quinn is pregnant because of the incident in the hot tub. That's how great they are!

My favorite singer
I also think that Quinn Fabre and Santana are so so so pretty. And Puck is hot.. way hotter than Finn. I wish he gets more face time. I also think that Ardee is the best male singer they have. And one of the best performances in Glee was when Mercedes sang, "And I am telling you, I'm not going". That is a great song and her being given the part is a dead giveaway. She has the voice for it. Of course it's not as great as Jennifer Holiday's version, but the way she performed it on the show was so fantastic, i wanted to cry.  As opposed to others who are just belting out the song just to prove that they have a good voice range, you can really feel the depth and beauty of the lyrics because Mercedes sang it.

The Finale show thoughts
I thought that their simple costumes and song performances of the glee club were realistic because they werent so good at first but as the show progressed, they got better. I thought that finale show was their best episode yet. Rachel's singing was genius!!! it's the first time i truly saw that she's an awesome singer and has one heck of a voice. i didnt notice the lip synching and i felt grateful that i was able to watch their performance. it was a truly awesome ending. I love it, i love it. Glee is rightfully becoming a musical powerhouse on TV.

im keeping my fingers crossed that the scene where Emma and Schue were about to kiss is only Emma's imagination.  hah :) there. and so ive shared too much already im just gonna leave you with a favorite song performed by Mercedes. Cant wait for season 2!!! :)

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Luis Batchoy said...

I lourve glee!!!!

Sendzki said...
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Sendzki said...

oh yeah! i love GLEE and i'm also excited for the next season! i agree to most of what you posted about the series...

i like ardee especially when he led LEAN ON ME... i can't take my eyes of quinn - she's really a charm to the show..and right, something's got to be change (i.e the obvious lip syncs) with the way they do the editing...

nakakatuwa rin mga punchlines nila, and the story's progressed well last season - and i didn't like the finale that much, malayo sa inexpect ko.

anyway, hoping to see Glee much more grown in season 2 ^_^

nyanya said...

hi kcatwoman! Yeah! I'm psyche with glee too! hope this second season will something be more exciting than the first one. Sana it exceeds expectations! Can't wait for April 14:D

kcatwoman said...

hi sendzki, season 2 delivered.. nakakatawa pa rin si sue.. cant wait for the next episodes


Sendo said...

just finished the latest episode just a few minutes ago...ayos hehe....pero ganun pa rin ung style nila hehe...di pa pala bagong season...but still love glee haha...natatawa talaga ako kay britney haha --- do you know that dolphins ar just gay sharks? haha