This Month's Read: My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Okay, so I have already finished the book and I'm not going to write a spoiler here. But I've noted two things about this bestseller by Jodi Picoult.

First, it is the most wholesome book I've read in months. Nothing here would offend you. There are some books that just discuss sex as an ornament to the story no matter how unnecessary it is. Luckily (and thankfully), this book does not have that quality.

Second, the novel is a total tearjerker. Other people say that whenever you read/watch as a story unfolds, what touches you is something that you can relate with. I cannot relate to any of the people in this book but somehow every single time I read at night, I find myself in tears. The story just fills you with compassion for every character that the author imagined.

My Sister's Keeper also touches upon Ethics. Back in nursing school, we have encountered this sensitive subject several times. The medical field is involved with preserving life or sometimes the loss of it. When we make decisions with tough issues such as euthanasia, abortion, using a new, but suspicious drug, etc etc, there is no definite set of guidelines to follow. No one can say who is really right, moral, or wrong. There is no black and white. And this is what I think makes the story so touching. All people make decisions not knowing what is truly right or wrong. But we all still make up our mind according to what we think is right for ourselves and for the people we love.

Anyway, it is a stories for mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters. Basically everyone. Enjoy reading!


Jag said...

Sadyang Pampamilya nga ang librong ito...alam ko n ngayon kung ano ang ibibigay kong gift sa pinan kong babae sa darating na kaarawan niya hhehehe mga ganitong uri ng libro aba teka agaw-eksena ang bookmarker mong owl hangkyut kasi hehehehe...

LHEY said...

Oh my never read the book, but i've seen the movie, and I'm telling you, Ubos ang isang box ng kleenex! waaaaaaah! Thanks for sharing. I should start reading again! :))


Goryo said...

Di ako gaano mahilig sa family books. I.T. books mahilig ako..

@LHEY : for some reasons mahilig ako sa tissue... kasi madalas ko itong gamitin... ahihi

kcatwoman said...

@ jag: hi! tama magandang panregalo 'to. it's not too expensive at marami pang matututunan.

salamat rin pala at napansin mo si owl. favorite ko talaga yang cute bookmark na yan.

kcatwoman said...

@ lhey: hello? hows your baby? anyway, i really want to watch the movie too,just to see how beautiful they adapted it kasi ganda talaga ng story. anyway, share ka if you start reading again!