Major, Major Blunders

I guess we're famous again...

It's been a week full of blunders this week. First because of the tragic & emotional ending of the Manila Hostage drama that took 8 lives. The safety of our Chinese guests' were put in peril but it's great to see that this morning, a bunch of foreign tourists were interviewed in Manila and when asked about the hostage taking, they told Unang Hirit: "this thing" happens all over the world. Why, thank you so much for understanding. 

Anyhow, the whole Filipino and Chinese community are affected in every way. I've heard Hongkong and China have issued a travel advisory against the Philippines. Some tourists have cancelled their vacays in the country. OFWs and some domestic helpers are reportedly being dismissed by their Chinese employers. I personally have a friend who told me that this is true, because her mom is a domestic helper in Hongkong and her mom's boss kept bullying her by saying that "Filipinos are crazy!". I can't blame them for what they say at the moment because the wound is still fresh in everyone's memories.

On the tv this morning, I heard Igan in Unang Hirit interviewing the chief negotiator of the Manila hostage taking and Igan repeatedly kept saying (about the crisis): "Ang daming matalino ngayon!". Well, you can't stop us from discussing our opinions especially if we all believe the same thing: that the police have done an awful job in planning for that hostage crisis and 8 fatalities have piled up against their department. Their reputation has hit an all time low. I personally admit that I do not trust any Filipino policeman right now. Just look at the lack of equipment they had. If they were prepared, they could at least have been ready with NUMEROUS axes and sledgehammers and not just one or two. And they basically put their own lives in peril,... they weren't wearing vests for goodness sake! Plus, they even questioned the bus driver who escaped and made him feel like he was an accomplice to the hostage taking even if he was also as traumatized as the Hongkong nationals in the whole ordeal. They just don't treat people fairly. I honestly dislike the cops now more than the disgruntled hostage taker. 

Well, based on the recent Manila police chief's self-imposed leave, I guess it's safe to say they admit they have committed serious mistakes that should be reviewed and receive reprimands for. Look at his statement on this news clip: "Magtibay, the ground commander in the hostage crisis, said he accepted recommendations of his staff on how to deal with the situation. He said that he studied them carefully before making any decision." Well, Chief Magtibay, it doesnt look like that at all. 

On a lighter note, Ma. Venus Raj 's triumphant inclusion in the final 15, final 10 and final 5 of the Miss Universe Pageant has made the country rise from it's mourning even for a while. Her 4th runner up win has really boosted the morale of the entire Filipino nation.I felt that she was a pageant favorite from the beginning because of her exotic look, personality and unique background. But Venus really had a hard time at the Q and A portion which is something you can't blame her for. I don't think anyone could have done better with the personal question that was asked to her. And because of her blunder, we have a new pop culture term "MAJOR MAJOR!!!" also translated in Tagalog as "BONGGANG BONGGA!!!".  

Also, Pageant co-owner Donald Trump said in an interview about Venus Raj, "She stands out.. She's like born royalty". I feel so proud of her and I think these fans loved her too..

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