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Hi guys!
In the past I've created a post featuring some of my favorite locally designed shirts that have amazing prints. Some of them are unique, adorable, funny, and even nationalistic but they are all creative. Look at some of the designs below:

Pop culture shirts including the Ninoy tees
I have also found some new custom t-shirts that I'm crazy about! They're found in which sells wonderful designs for shirts, mugs, aprons, stationery, etc. Here's a T-shirt that I like since I'm a big fan of the TV show, 'Dexter'. I like to own this one since even those who don't watch Dexter can relate to the design. Anyway, all their shirts are awesome and ingenious.

blood spatter on a slide
Here's another shirt designed for another one of my fave shows, 'The Office' starring Steve Carrell, John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson. This quote is an Office original and I would surely miss hearing it said in the show since it's about to end. Too bad...

That's What She Said!
I also browsed the Cool- Bachelorettes section of their site and look at what I found! This one is totally unrelated to the first two designs but I would surely love my future fiance to wear this when we're together. I'm such a hopeless romantic, I guess.

Luckiest Man Alive
I love the quotes in the shirts and in the posters they make. Cafepress posters are unique, too. Their designs fit into so many categories. They have motivational and demotivational. (LOL) They have posters for films, celebrities, comics to name a few. Here's one that made me nod in agreement.
It may pay to get A's but C's get DEGREES.
There are more T -shirt designs and other T-shirt culture knowledge found in T-Addict. They spotlight the best shirt designs and artists. The T-addict blogger even professes to be a Tshirt junkie so everything you need to know about designing cool shirts, you may well find here. So much for shirts, I'll be joining one their contests in hopes of winning a free tee with a cool design. Wish me luck!

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