Eating in Manila: not your usual food blog post

Hi guys :)

Ebi Fry Don from Karate Kid
Well, I just wanna share with you a great meal that I enjoyed last night. I am not a certified foodie and certainly not a very adept food critic. I'm just a simple Pinay girl who wants to try out the delectable food that I see around town.  Last night, I ate this wonderful Ebi Fry Don at Karate kid, which is fried shrimp with rice topped with egg that was cooking right on my very hot bowl as it was being served. Arrrg, I'm salivating just thinking about it now. I guess the tempura and rice combination always tastes good to the filipino palate.And the meal's affordable too at 115. I also learned that Karate kid offers refillable rice. The things that you can have nowadays ever since the advent of  "UNLI" -- Unlitext, unlicalls and UNLI RICE. It's a great marketing strategy since they cater to class B and C. Of course, the masang Pinoys would really eat up the refillable rice offer. Wow, I'm promoting Karate kid a lot (haha). I guess I really enjoyed this rice bowl!

The food I ate may not be as expensive or sosy as the food being featured in most self-confessed foodie blogs out there. But we Filipinos are really lucky since there are so many food restaurants and chains here whose menus are reasonably priced and still within most of our pay scales. Some US blogs feature places where they could eat 2 dollar lunches. Actually they're already quite lucky if they get a whole meal for as low $2 (P100). A meal in the US might be a sandwich or meat & carbs but meals here in our country is almost always synonymous to rice and ulam (viand). In the Philippines, we can eat ulam and (a lot of) rice under P100 -- sometimes even less than P50! Paotsin is an example. That fried food store is such a runaway success that I wish I could franchise even just one store.Even McDo, Jollibee and KFC always offer value meals so that there's a choice for each Filipino. Here's an entire meal I ate under P100. I even ordered dessert with it :)

burger steak, fries and peach mango pie :)
So I can really say that the Manila is such a food haven for me and I guess for most of us.I can eat great food without hurting my budget. I will always love to eat here in this city. I think that we bloggers should blog more about the things that we eat on a daily basis. It tells the truth about our lives.For example, if you enjoyed the food that you ate at a turo turo or a carinderia at lunch today, that is blog-worthy already. Cause  it's something that's true about your way you live your life. If we enjoy simple food or simple things, even if it's not so bonnga like those featured in other blogs, it's still what we enjoy so it's what is unique about us.

I guess this would be the start of featuring my delicious below-100-peso lunches in this blog. Let's hope it sparks interest in most Pinoy 'eaters'. Share yours too please!

Kain na po!

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