What I heard in the radio yesterday (OPM)

I think that Direk Jose Javier Reyes' article "Last Song Syndrome" in his Yahoo featured blog a while back sums up what I feel about current OPM. Please read this link beacuse it is a well written post about how poor the OPM industry is now... Almost no one buys Filipino music records and when they are released, our kababayans would rather hear them in the radio and take home the pirated version than spend money on Filipino music. But in all fairness to Pinoy buyers, there are really a few songs these days that are made by Filipinos that actually make sense or have good quality. Please don't tell me that Pinoy rock bands these days are all good. The lyrics are mostly repetitive and they sound almost all the same in my opinion. Well, I'm also kind of biased since I am more into ballads (Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang, Hiram, Bakit ba Iniibig Ka, etc.).  Some Filipino musicians have also settled for pitiful Tagalized parodies of American pop hits and some even try to emulate Kpop. Sadly my friends, these do not work for us. 

Ok, so maybe I should just shut up and let you read Direk Joey Reyes article because as I have mentioned earlier, it sums up what i feel about the downfall of Pinoy music, lately. (http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/blogs/mediacrity/last-song-syndrome-123511260.html)

ANYWAY, amidst the crazy Pinoy music scene out there, I have heard one on the radio yesterday that I thought could be as poetic as the old Pinoy songs. Beautiful, calm, serene, not attention-craving and the lyrics are well made.

I hope you will like it too:
Bihag mo by Bryan Termulo

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Orange said...

Hmm... I remember a conversation with a taxi driver, he said na mas maganda talaga ang tunog dati, unlike now.

Mas malaman kasi ang mga kanta dati, mas plain, wala masyadong arte at mas heartfelt.