The Help (movie)

Hi i'll probably compose a short blog article since Im posting this secretly from the office. A short break from Monday stress.

I cannot help but rave about a wonderful movie I was given the privelege to watch this month. It's entitled The Help, starring Emma Stone, who is one of my newest favorite actresses.

Im not a movie critic, let me begin with that. you wont expect a detailed commentary about the movie from me.

What I liked about the film was when the lead character, Ablene, a black maid, believed that she has the ability to make people feel special. She has a special mantra that she whispers to baby girl, her ward, whenever she wakes up: "You is kind, you is smart, you is important...". This she repeats and repeats to the little girl until she believes she is loved and that she is indeed important. Baby girl has been born to a young mother who doesnt know how to care for a little girl.

I learned that anyone has the capacity to make others value themselves if we all just tried.

The film did not end the way most people would want it to. Skeeter was left by her first boyfriend, did not regain her childhood friends, Ablene lost her work after an emotional verbal showdown with the antagonist, the maid who stole the ring was still in jail,.. but still the ending gave me an impression that there is hope amidst all those trials.

I loved the film. It's funny & amusing at some points but thought-provoking too. I hope you would like it as much as I did.

4.5 stars for me :)

Have a good day!


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