Sonja, you are my Cuppy cake

In my other blog, I really always rant about how much I semi-hate Bonifacio global city buses, but in truth, I love Bonifacio Global City very, very freakin much. (Light bulb moment) I probably should write a post with photos regarding this so called love, but that would be for later.

Anyway, one of the reasons why I love working here in BGC, though it's so far, is the food! There's food everywhere... Also, aside from the usual fast food chains, there are a lot of restaurants that pop up which boldly cater to unique tastes, like Cha Time, Florings, the Guac Truck, Singaporean restaurant beside Chatime, Kitchen's Best Cakes (which are the awesomest), etc.
I think some find it cool to share in FB
 that they ate at Sonja's, haha..
just like I did
Also, one of my favorite dessert places is the very successful Cupcakes by Sonja... which is wildly popular because of its 'cult following'. I think customers make it a point to share in FB or twitter that they ate here. Some even include photos of the beloved cupcakes or of themselves eating 'em. My favorite part when I go to Sonja's is whenever I open the door of the store and I begin to be enveloped by the aroma inside. It's like lazy Saturday afternoons with my mom who loves to bake. Back when she liked to bake. Not that I'm saying she can bake, as well hahaha. Anyway, I also think the biggest reason for Sonja's success is still, of course, the CUPCAKES. They are heavenly, soft, reasonably priced. I have not found any cupcake that would match hers. I am not really a food critic so I am not sure what would be a great way to describe great cupcakes, but yeah, they're pretty great.

One thing to note though when eating there for the first time is that the cupcakes are best eaten in the store, on the tables set outside, with a fork and on a saucer. You might think this is silly to actually use utensils for a small cuppycake, but this way, you will be able to slowly savor the cupcake. If you eat it by just biting on it, you will be overwhelmed with the sweetness and you will also be "hinayang" that your 60-peso (to 100-peso) cupcake will be devoured in seconds. No, I say, sit down on the table, and savor the cupcake.
Red Velvet Vixen
and Strawberry Cheesecake

Also, be adventurous with  your choices. My favorites are Chocolate Surprise (haha not so adventurous) and Red Velvet Vixen. I'm not a big fan of the Lemon Drop. I just hope some of the other cupcake flavors are available when i visit next time since not everything in the menu is available on the store in one day. I'm checking the site now and ooh, FlufferNutter looks interesting... (hmmmmmmmm)..

Oh well, okay. I probably should pass by there later on the way to Market Market. Or maybe not, depends on how much i'm trying to stick to my diet.


Have a sweet day!,

PS. I am not getting paid for this. okay.
Cupcakes by SONJA is located at1C 03 Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


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