SOS! This bridesmaid needs help looking for a modest dress...

Hi everyone,

My dream gown! but with more opaque sleeves
A couple of months from now, my cousin will be married. She's the first one to be married in my age group in our family so we are really excited about it. She has asked us to go to her dressmaker and have ourselves fitted with bridesmaid dresses which we'll be flaunting on her special day. The whole wedding preparation is an exciting and stressful time for us (shakes head). Anyway, her wedding prep keeps me fantasizing about the wedding dress I hope I would one day wear. The style of gown that I really like most is the "modest" type of gown because it has sleeves to cover my arms, and it's comforting to know that you won't be showing any undue body parts. I mean if you wear sleeveless, low neckline or short skirted dresses, your body proportions should at least have the right to be shown! Otherwise I would stick to the being more covered up. Unfortunately, with what I see in TV and magazines these days where women opt for more revealing designs, a modest gown with a shawl or sleeves isn’t really pleasing on the eyes nor is it easy to find. Just going to the mall frustrates me when I look for a dress that not only fits well but is covers me up, too! It's difficult enough to find a skirt that goes to the knee. However, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, I found my wedding gown style peg! The gown she wore was beautiful, simple and classic and the most modest I've seen on a celebrity in years.

Other than Kate's gown, here are some modest gowns that I would probably like on my wedding day:

But since I'm not yet the bride, here is what I would probably ask the tailor to check out for our bridesmaid gowns.

My mom and my aunt, who is the mother of the bride, would probably love these!

I got a little carried away with the photos but I hope you like them!

All the designs (except the Kate Middleton pic) are from Dress First. You may want to check that out.

Sincerely, Kcat


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