my Nokia N70: Music Edition

As a birthday gift and a reward for passing the recent boards, my father gave me a kick-ass new cellphone. It's an N70, practically the best phone I ever owned.(Because I used to own cellphones as big as bricks)

Anyway.I know it's not the newest model from Nokia, but I love this phone because of the following:
- Music is so's like my Ipod now.
- bluetooth (for easy sharing)
- large (tremendously huge) memory
- longer video record time
- clearer pics!!
- two camera views (front and back)
- the keypad is so SMOOTH to text with
- standby mode (helps you with your schedule)
- accurate playback voice menu

What I don't like:
- it's so fragile, there are times that photos can't be saved
- you can't add a New Number written in a text message sent to you
- too many Menus..i mean, keeping it simple is still better.

** I discovered that my phone is made locally or from China. So they said, it doesn't have the best quality. Maybe that's why my phone is a little too fragile for me. I'm Kcatwoman, you know.
But still Nokia is the best, and most user-friendly (dare to defy that!)
Compare your phones with my Nokia..comment below.


Toilet Thoughts said...

hehehe. I'm using the same phone. :)

Mai said...

yes! may new phone na rin ikaw! parehas pa tau... hihi.. :)

What you see is what you get said...

Nice blog, very informative

kcatwoman said...

thanks for commenting!

@toiletthoughts and mai:
yehey parehas tayo..hihi hehe

@what you see:
thanks, what you saind was very flattering

Kitty said...

N95 is much better from this one...

I used it before... ^^


nice blog ♥