Tropic Thunder

What do you think of this film?

I just watched it. Tropic Thunder stars Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr, and Jack Black in an unusual comedy that makes fun of how Hollywood typically makes films. I think they're great and hilarious.

What the film means is true, sometimes, moviemakers think of the most morbid ideas and put them onscreen. Like the farting obese people and actors who play different characters by themselves. I mean, come on? It's very satirical. They also make fun of swearing rappers and movies about taboos and gay people. Sometimes, all these crazy ideas are just too much for us moviegoers. That we almost wonder whether we're watching a great film or trash. Of course, if you're a scriptwriter, it's really hard to think of stories that always sell. But still, they got to be careful on their brainstorming, because people become tired of morbid ideas.

There's no sex in this film.
But there's a lot of swearing and references to sex.
It's not the typical stupid American film who feature blonde women with boobs. (did I mention stupid?)

It's a funny (7x) comedy written, directed, produced and starred by Ben Stiller. It's a fresh new concept for a comedy. Plus, Robert Downey has a talented performance here. He plays an Aussie who plays a Black. Confusing? Anyways, just watch it. There's a good reason this film became a box-office hit. Again, it's hilarious. Plus it is star-studded and I love the cameo appearances : Lance Bass, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and TOM CRUISE...and you wouldn't believe what he did. Promise.
4 stars for this film!
How do you rate the film?


Myk2ts said...

havent seen this in full yet... ill try this weekend. :)

pages said...

hehehe seen hancock?