What's your Favorite Movie Musical? (Here's my Top Five)

5. Mamma Mia

This is the answer to every Abba fan's musical dream. Pure Abba hits all the way through the end. You will be proud of the scriptwriters cause they have written the story wherein the script are intertiwned to the Abba song lyrics. I also love the beautiful Greek scenery which makes you want to be there in the beach with them. I love the energy from all the actors. Of course, Meryl Streep still gave an amazing performance. Her age might have been 40 but she was acting like a believable teenager when she saw the 3 fathers. And Pierce Brosnan sang in the movie. He was very handsome, as always. Meryl and Pierce just complemented each other. It's a cute, feel good film. Watch it if you wanna be happy.

4. Dreamgirls

The fact that Beyonce is here made me really want to watch this film. She's my superstar. She was so beautiful and glamorous in this movie remake. Also, Jennifer Hudson's performance was truly outstanding. Jen H's being chosen for this film already made showbiz people talk and the movie didn't disappoint. (I mean it was nominated for an award right?). I like the references to Motown and the Supremes. It's very intriguing to me.

I also love:
- Listen by Beyonce
- When I first Saw you by Beyonce and Jamie Foxx
- I am Telling You, I'm not going by Jennifer Hudson
- Love you I do
- Dreamgirls
- One Night Only
- Cadillac by James Early

3. High School Musicals

Though the first 2 movies are only for television, I love this musical because it's somehow wholesome and every kid in the whole world wanted to be Troy and Gabriella in their own school play. It's so popular for preteens,teens, and even parents. This is one movie that you won't have a problem bringing your kid to. Not to mention, Zac Efron is hot,hot, hot. And I also love Ashley Tisdale cause she's just a very lovable antagonist. (i'm a fan)

And another thing, the songs really stay in your head! My fave songs from these films are:
- Start of Something New -Troy and Gabriella
- Breakin Free
- Get your head in the Game -Troy and the Wildcats
- What I've been looking for - Sharpay and Ryan
- You are the Music in Me (both versions)
- All for One

2. Grease

This is probably an all time favorite and I'm almost sure that I'm not alone with this one. Grease is timeless and fun. Til this very day, many people still use their songs for parties and probably in their own shows. This was where John Travolta shot to fame. Being very young, he was still fresh (though skinny) and his dancing skills were great. For a guy, his moves weren't awkward.

And again, I also love their songs:
- Summer Nights
- Greased Lightning
- Hopelessly Devoted to You
- You're the One that I want

The only thing I don't like from this film is that it doesn't have a moral lesson and some characters are kinda too old to be in High school. Plus there's a scene where they were about to make love in the backseat. Not very good for children. Whatever.

1. Moulin Rouge

Not only is this visually delectable, it is musically enlightening and has a good, romantic story. The plot is forbidden love, no less. It's funny and tragic all at the same time. This film stars Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. I never thought they could sing! Anyway, the whole musical is entertaining to the very last minute. I love the way they used and recreated old songs and even popular songs to fit to their story. And they made originals which were also very good.The dances and performances were all dynamic and superb. Even the costumes were fantastic. This is my favorite in the whole wide world. This film is also internationally successful.

Fantastic songs performances from the film are:
- Your song
- Lady Marmalade
- Nature boy
- so exciting song (i dunno the title)
- The Elephant Medley
- Chamma Chamma
- Roxanne
- Like a Virgin
- Material Girl
-even The sound of Music
-and Come What May (original)

What are your picks?


Joy-Anne said...

hi! i haven't seen any of these movies, i might as well grabbed a dvd of these titles and watch it. and since your recommending it, i know that it will be good.

casey's beauty blog said...

I love the moulin rouge.

karmi said...

ummm, HSM! :D hehehe. di ko pa napapanood ung Mamma Mia eh.. maganda din daw ung Hairspray, napanood mo na?

flor said...

di ko pa napanood yung hairspray..pero mukhang maganda kasi andun si zac.(lab u po-pacute)

Luis Batchoy said...

what? no chicago? What with the razzle dazzle number by papa richard geere?

kcatwoman said...

oh yeah, i loved chicago,too. i only forgot about it.sori..hehehe

The Gasoline Dude said...

When I read the title of your post, I was about to say "Les Miserables". But the movie adaptation is not really a musical.

Eben said...

I love Moulin Rouge! The songs, acting, production design. The songs "Roxanne" and "Come What May" are so good to listen too.

As for me, "The Sound of Music" will always be my all time favorite. :)

vera said...

great choices. mine's across the universe, moulin rouge, rent and sweeny todd.

yeah, sound of music works for me too. :)

kcatwoman said...

@ eben:yehey. we share the same love for moulin rouge!i like sound of music too, sorry cause i forgot to put it in the list

@vera: sweeney todd is intriguing, i will try to watch that. and also rent

thanks for commenting!

sendzki said...

so i think you should watch hairspray...i heard it has great songs too..and John Travolta was splendid