Do you love Rap and Hiphop?

Hi guys. Of all the genre of music in the world, my favorites are mostly RnB and hiphop. I'm sure most of you like them too cause both of these are very popular in this generation. Recently while I was bloghopping, I found a site that sells rap and hiphop instrumental music. The name of the site is Jee I loved the site the instant it opened up in my window. There was already loud sound blaring once you open it up. I'm sure you'd feel the same way I did cause I was bobbing my head and loving the beats! They have their own player, so no more downloading. Just click the music and listen.

I recommend "Young 35 lb. Lamb" and "Back for More" both by Elliot Waite cause I'm a woman and to me they're a little ANTM-sounding. Anyway, I have a LOT of other personal faves. I'm sure you can also choose music of your own liking. Plus the music they sell are affordable and royalty free. Click on the site now,
link. Go guys and have fun!

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bruce said...

I like this! Thanks