Nursing is still in demand..

I have read many articles that say that Nursing is still one of the biggest growing industries ever. One thing is that, there will always be hospitals and the type of work that they have is very much needed because if not for nurses there would be no one to take care of patients and, worse, hospitals could close down. I still personally think that it is a great idea to take up nursing. But not everybody has the convenience to earn a degree.

I found out that there is a website called that tells us where to find schools that offer the nursing course online. This site makes reviews of various universities or colleges that offer online nursing degree programs. Students can pick whether they want associate degree, bachelor's degree, or MAN or MSN degrees. You can readily pick the ones familiar and most suitable to your standard. Some of the online nursing schools listed there are: Jacksonville University, Gonzaga University, Norwich University, and Grand Canyon University.

I think that this is really helpful and convenient for students since you can spend less on daily expenses such as travel and food. Well, this is the best site where you can learn where to earn a diploma in nursing online.


sendzki said...

tama tama tama...sana magdemand din ang japan ng nurses from philippines hehe...paid task ba to?

Royalty Bisyoso said...

Right. But sadly, I know alot of nursing board passers who end up seeing themselves in the cubicles of call centers.. ehe.. I hope it really is still in demand.

kcatwoman said...

@ sendzki: yes its a paid task pero i still believe na in demand pa rin ang nursing abroad.
..tska maganda rin yung sa japan pero mahirap ang language nila

@ royalty: ur right..and one of them is me! im a CSR in training