Twilight Movie.

Some people like me have not read this very popular book by Stephanie Meyer. And if you are one of us, I'm sure you will find this film interesting.

The film puts vampires in a different light. The vampires here, including Edward's family show that they are trying to live normal lives as they possibly can. There are no haunted mansions. Edward tries to say that unlike the perception, they live in a modern home with no "coffins and moats". Try watching the film. There are really funny moments.

There's no nudity...only pure and beautiful love. Because there's so much hype about the movie, while we were watching, there were girls screaming in the moviehouse just when Edward and Bella were about to kiss.okayyyyy. Anyway, it's not so beautiful and visually entertaining. It's actually simple so don't expect too much.

However, it's a nice take on vampirehood, if there's such a term. We liked the movie and hope that y'all gonna watch it.okay.

I liked Robert Pattinson. He's already very handsome and the pale skin fits him. I think that they could have chosen a better Bella cause she's not the type that you would crush on. She's kinda geeky, and she has moments and angles where she's pretty but sometimes she just looks awkward. But her acting was great, so okay, fine, she's a good Bella but not the best choice.

What I better do is to read the book.


Felix Noir said...

I haven't read the book either, but the movie seemed to show the series' potential. Once I get some time I may begin to read Twilight.

theRUBYposts said...

my hubby and i watched twilight. it was a great movie.

anyway, i got a tag for you at hope you can play. :)