This Month's Read: Love Story by Erich Segal

This book is sort of short. And it is the only copy left in the bookstore that's why i bought it..

Usually Erich Segal's novels are longer, thicker volumes, has a usually very deep context and comprises a variety of characters. Aside from the main characters (who usually fall in love), there are also the background " cast who add color and life to his novels.

I love Erich Segal's style because I feel that I'm not reading fiction.. it feels so much like you're reading a very beautiful, thought-provoking, and emotional, true to life story. You will definitely feel fulfilled after reading a book like his.

Titles to choose from:
The Class
Acts of Faith
Now let's get back to this short book(let) called Love Story. It proudly banners in the front page "21 million copies sold" the words "Love means never having to say you're sorry...

And so I am very intrigued to buy it because this was really recommended to me, plus Erich Segal is such a great novelist and needless to say, he's my favorite.

True enough. It is a love story. With 2 college students involved, they fall in love in the span of ..what?.. 5 or 6 pages? The guy just met the girl and then suddenly they were a couple, suddenly there was "action", suddenly they were inseparable, and the guy loved the girl.

Plus there were too much cuss words. I never thought Mr. Segal was capable of that. And then I learned that it was a movie. And that really disappointed me.
The was all too fast for my taste. Learing to love is not that fast! Sharing a beautiful relationship which the couple was told to have doesn't take just a few pages to describe. It's like I was trying to look for the Love they were pertaining to.

Well in fairness to the story, I did find out about sacrifice..about the girl giving up her dreams for this man. And this man, truly caring and truly loving and ready to give up his riches and prominence to prove his love. I found out about sacrifice and maybe this is the love that they were talking about.

Honestly, I'm not a fan and I'm a bit wondering why it sold 21 million copies. But my opinion of Erich Segal probably wouldn't change.


g. said...

waw nabasa ko to, ok lng tapos may na read ako that reminds me of this book kasi parang ganon din yun flow tas di naniniwala kay God.. -la tigra's friend who likes porn haha joek

kcatwoman said...

hoy mg, nagcomment ka pala dito hahaha. yeah she likes porn!