Vantage Point

Really nice film.

It was well directed, the script was not that amazing, but the scenes as they were put together were great. They raise this certain type of emotion from the audience. They make us feel that terrorism and the war on evil is there under our noses and must not be taken for granted.

Oneof the things I love about the movie is that it made me feel that the tragedy that happened in one of the scenes might happen in real life, it might happen to my fellow human beings and I felt really sad, and the film made audiences really feel that terrorism is an evil tragedy that is being inflicted upon each one of us. I feel that I should also help in the fight.

That's how movies should be, not just to make you understand but to make you feel.


sendzki said...

this movie was certainly unique ^_^ it was exciting watching it from beginning to end

Che Guevara said...

it is also a philosophical clip..

in phenomenology, one looks at a person in different perspectives. in the movie, the situation was taken from the different experiences of the people for them to easily go to the root of the scenario. the same thing is true in dealing with situations and persons.. one does not limit himself to his own judgment but considers also the judgment of others.

it is looking to the bigger picture of things, of life itself

5 stars to Vantage Point!

zanky said...

anong bagong movie nayon kuk?? post ka nman ng cool movies for 2009. LP1SA rock!!haha