What I do for a living --Kcatwoman

Superheroes work nights but what do you think do I do for a living? take a wild guess.

I'm a newly grad here in the Philippines and what better way to kick off my career but by joining the Call center industry. BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is still one of the most highly profitable industries here in my country and also it gives thousands of jobs to Filipinos like you and me. I don't think it was any bad to belong here. In fact I'm proud of being a call center rep or agent. I have proved to myself that I am capable of being hired in a big, international company. And I just graduated from college!

above : small sketch of what i do for a living

Well it has its cons and pros. Of course there is a time difference between Manila and the US. (Obviously) I had to work nights as well. People bring pillows and blankets to work! Not very conducive right? And I must say sleeping at night even for just a few hours is still tons better than sleeping 9 to 10 hours in the morning. Whew, i miss my sleep. My beauty sleep that is. Working nights gives you limitless layers of eye bags. Not very pretty to look at for a single lady like me. Plus it's not so good for the health. (i am officially whining)

Anyway, let's talk about the pros: I think I earn well for a beginner and I also get to hone my communication skills in English. I am now able to help my family with the money I earn which is whoops higher than the minimum wage with the incentives and everything. I can also get to sometimes splurge on stuff that my former student allowance prohibits. I have learned a lot from working here. Working here has developed my self confidence and has opened my mind about the world around me.

So there I've told you about my job apart from just being Kcatwoman. And I'm giving a shout out to all the call center reps out there. What do you do for a living outside your superhero selves?

Plus I have actually watched an Indian/UK show about call centers. It's called "Mumbai Calling" as seen on HBO Asia. It's so funny! im hooked as soon as I saw it. Something that you guys must see. A comedic take on this stressful job as customer care reps. Watch it! Enjoy.

photo from HBO asia


magikero said...

i read mumbai calling is great.. i hvnt caught an episode though :|

POTTSCH said...

Don't get contented with what you do right now. Well, it's good to know that you're able to help your family financially, but still, you deserve more than being a call center agent. You don't belong here pussycat. Now scram!;D

Saminella said...

makapussy din ako eh, i mean miming.

napadaan! sorry ngayon lang.

pogingpayatot said...

slumdog millionaire napanood mo?! call center din sa india. totoo ba yun, yung part na may Q&A sila about Hollywood news? para siguro updated sila sa kung anong nangyayari sa US. ganun din ba sa pinas?

berigud! mahalin mo ang trabaho mo ;)

tomato.cafe said...

hola, kcatwoman! i also read reviews about mumbai calling although i cant seem to find episodes online. hindi ko rin naman sya mapanood sa HBO because of the sched. cheers to graduating! :)

Josh of Arabia said...

hi kat, txs a lot for meowing @ my portal.
il b hapi to see u again..

oh, good pay does come wd an eyebag, huh..well, catch ur sleep if u can..