A Better Travel Experience

Our family loves to travel. My aunt usually does the driving for us. I remember that ever since we were kids , we'd go from Manila to Pangasinan, or to Baguio or sometimes even to Abra! I can't imagine how my aunt actually endures driving for so long. She'd drive for up to 8 to 11 hours. Whew!

But for the passengers, things could get a lot boring too. We'd play all the games we could ever think of. We'd gossip and eat up all the snacks even if we arent even out of Manila, and so after all of that we'd probably just sleep.

How I wish we could have DVD players installed in our cars. I mean the whole driving experience would've been better right? We could watch tons of DVDs inside the car. That's a total boredom buster. I'm too excited about the idea that I've searched Shopwiki for a car's dvd player. I found that they have a multi-function player that even has a GPS system installed. It is actually has 7" Touch Screen TFT LCD Display. That's so cool right? And its Dolby Pro Surround speakers would work great too since a car's small space would make everyone watch comfortably. Of course you can always shift to its radio receivers if you're already finished with your movie. I'd always look forward to travelling in a car like that. No boredom, no dull moments, just great entertainment.

Isn't it a great idea? I'm excited cause our family outings would be a lot better if this came true!

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Traveliztera said...

hahaha madidistract lahat e noh lol... pero true, mas masaya un! hehe