Presidential platforms: my akomismo pledge

I actually found it difficult to put up a pledge in the AkoMismo website. dang, it's too confusing like facebook, ..anyway..i guess my akomismo pledge would be to find out the platforms of each and every candidate. even if in truth, it's hard to read long articles and stuff, but i know it's worth it. i think that we should all actively get to know and research about the possible future leaders of our country. It's worth the 'hardship' cause i lined up for 8 hours to get a voter's license! whew.

I dont know if everyone shares the same opinion as i have but i think some Filipinos vote a candidate based on their popularity, or if they sing in a meeting de avance, or if they have a fancy (funny) commercial or something. get the point? i dont hear anyone say that they like a certain candidate bec of their platforms like how educated the voters are during the Obama elections. But i have high hopes for 2010, i think everything is improving. im not talking about the lousy commercials that make your eyes roll (lalaban tayo - Mar Roxas or Laking tondo, tumutulo pa ang kisame namin -Villar). Seriously, who are they kidding right? But with the advent of computers, one could easily find their credentials and 'promises' and experiences on the net. I think more of us voters are becoming wiser. or are we?

So to start. i will read about my favorite candidate and the one leading the surveys, Manny Villar. He is the former congressman of our city and with him i can honestly say that a lot of projects were implemented to better our i only have good things to say about the person. now what of the C5 extension project/scandal? Have you ever heard of the Alabang Zapote road? That road is actually synonymous with mind-bending, heavy traffic. if he started a project like the c5 extension road, this will actually help relieve traffic in 3 cities. now, if other politicans made a big fuss (or get angry) about it, you can obviously see their hidden motives. in my opinion, villar looked like the underdog in the situation. And as we all know people like underdogs to win. hence, the optimistic survey results.
well.anyway, im only 21, i really dont wanna sound like his campaign manager plus im too young to know anything. share your thoughts guys.

Here's the link to his site though: