The Little that I know about Makeup

Dear Pals,

I am so desperate about makeup because I am in my 20s and know absolutely nothing about it other than the powder-lipbalm and the occasional blush combo. So I took a class with Ms. Cielo, a local entrep and a fabulous lady, too. She gives classes on beginner's makeup, for everyday and maybe, for night outs. Haha she'd probably love it that I'm giving her a free boost in advertisement.

Here are the basic skincare and makeup things I have learned. These are the things I do : Sorry if this sounds toooo basic for you but really, i've only known about it recently:

1. Cleanse-tone-moisturize routine.  I only use Ivory soap for my face because I do not break out with it. I tone using Celeteque and moisturize with Celeteque. To date, their moisturizer is the only water based drug store brand moisturizer that I know about . I find it also very gentle and it doesn't enlarge pores. When I do not want to use toner and already feel that my skin is clean enough, I use a small ice cube for my face. Please comment if you think this is okay or not.

2. Importance of using sunscreen. I almost never come out of the house without sunscreen and an umbrella.. Also, I never buy a powder without SPF.I use Maybelline Pressed Powder because it has a good enough SPF, it's a known brand with an affordable price.

My lip balm also has SPF factor to prevent darkening of lips. . For lip balms, regular Chapstick has a very disappointing SPF 4.. FOUR! How on earth can that help you with our very hot sun! But I love Chapstick and found out that even if it's a few pesos more pricier than Blistex (SPF 15 at least), it's still the most effective for my always-dry, parched, peeling lips. They have since given a solution to that with the Ultra, Moisturizing lip balm (lemon flavor) with an SPF of 30. I'm using that one now.

clear spray
Chapstick is better

For sunscreen. If you, like me, are afraid of the heavy lotions (in my opinion, then make faces break out), I use the Beachhut clear spray sunblock SPF 36. At least it's clear and therefore less heavy. I use this on my face. Please comment if this is okay or not.

Another reason for the sunscreen is that I have started having premature age spots (in my early 20s) and I swear that they have been less visible after I've been very keen on these sun protection measures. I can't see them anymore on my face, thankfully!

3. Wearing foundation. This one I've learned in my makeup class. Our teacher told us that we wear foundation (or maybe tinted moisturizer) to be able to cover our flaws and pores and discolorations. Foundation accdg to the handout given by my teacher, prepares the face for the colors to be applied. She also made us differentiate between a variety of foundations like L'oreal & MAC versus Ever Bilena. Since Ever Bilena is also a good brand but not as pricey, this is what she uses for daily use. It feels lighter on my skin too. I also think that since this is a Pinoy brand, there are colors  specifically matched for morena skin just like mine. On the other hand, Loreal and MAC were very heavy (in my opinion) and therefore should be used for special events.

Be careful in choosing the right foundation, I bought a Korean brand before and now realized  my mistake. Koreans have different skin color and skin type altogether. Korean makeup usually has shimmer which is something I think is not friendly to most Filipinas' skin type or color. I do not like to look shiny because I have oily skin. Also the shade I bought was lighter than my real skin color so I looked lighter. Foundation should match your skin. The key is to always sample the product before you buy, even if it's just a tinted moisturizer.The thing is if you look greyish / ghoulish because of the foundation you use, ditch it. You wouldn't want to look like Miss Foundation Day everyday! Buy another one that's good for your color.

The good thing about buying Pinoy brands is that they match Pinay skin brands because they are made for specifically for us. American brands are good also because they also create makeup for a variety of skin tones since the US is a home for hundreds of nationalities.


4. Setting everything with powder. As I have explained before, I use Maybelline. Maybelline Pressed powder is affordable and there are even times they go on sale (around P149 to P200). Always try on the shade to pick the right color for your facial skin because you dont want to look like your wearing Chin Chan Su. Also ,when choosing a color, use your face/neck area to test a sample not your hand or arm because these parts have a different color than your face.

Setting with powder reduces oiliness but still do not overpowder because you would not like to appear mattified. The goal is to look dewy and radiant.

To avoid overpowdering, I think it's better to use a powder brush. Mine is from a drugstore brand, Shawill. I know my brush in this picture looks like the cheapo brands in convenience stores but it's priced almost at 300 and it's super soft and gentle to the face. Of course we couldnt let anything coarse be used on our faces. A soft brush reduces the chances of making your pores larger.
super soft
Nichido loose powder is one of the most affordable and popular brands out there. They have many colors to choose from and they work well too. Unfortunately their powders do not offer any sun protection (no SPF).

What I do is since I buy the Maybelline pressed powder which has SPF, I buy a powder container, crush the Maybelline pressed powder and voila! I have instant loose powder.
instant loose powder
5.  Applying Natural Blush. I've seen a lot of makeup videos giving different tips on blushing. Some say to apply it on the side of the face, on the front of the cheeks etc. But my teacher told us to apply it on the apples of the cheeks then work your way outward near the temple. Do not forget applying in the part of the cheek that is near the nose so that your blush would look like a natural coloring of your cheeks and not just a mere application.

Some argue that the more professional way of putting blush is not the grin-and-put-in-the-apples-of-your-cheeks style as mentioned above but pucker/or suck your cheeks then apply at the sides. To be more precise, they say, start putting it directly below the iris part of the eye then start working outward. I personally feel that this way of putting it (under the iris) appears less natural because you can definitely see that there is a starting point to the blush unlike if you put blush also on the cheeks near the sides of the nose.So I'm still sticking to grinning it out and putting blush on the apples.

Body Shop blush Number 5 is highly recommended because it's the color that best matches the natural skin color. I am not in any way affiliated with them but Body shop is a good brand and it's nice to invest on makeup that has a quality that makes it incomparable with others. The colors are not bright than the usual color of drugstore brands. Also it does not have shimmer or glitter on it like most brands. Even if it's not body shop, make sure you buy a blush that is matte and therefore, more natural-looking. I made a huge mistake in buying my Faceshop brand of blush because it has glitter in it/ or some sort of shine to it since Faceshop is a Korean brand. The glitter only made my pores appear bigger bcause the glitter /shine puts emphasis on the enlarged pores. So always try makeup on before buying it.

So anyway, that completes my list of beginner know-how on makeup and skincare routines. I hope this helps in any way. Thanks for reading!


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