The Long Line in Roxas Boulevard

Last night, we were riding the bus along Roxas Boulevard, and we saw so many people lining up in super long queues. How could I describe it... hmmm. Throngs of people were lined up in an almost snake-like line that never seemed to end and we realized as we saw from the bus that the line started back in Mall of Asia. I thought it was just one of those really awful commute days that happen almost thrice a week now (thanks to our trustee MMDA officers. I swear, whenever I see an official in blue uniform, I know I'm going to have a difficult commute!). Anyway, we realized these people were not lining up to get a ride home but they were actually lining up for some event. We saw fireworks too. What really awes me is that those people actually had the patience to stay on that super long line just to get to whatever that important event was. There was even a possibility that it would rain. Well anyway,... what we noticed was that the crowd control was not very effective  during this time. The queue of people actually reached until the huge highway .Some people were stepping on the main road outside the side street oblivious to the dangers of being hit by the fast moving vehicles. People were not meant to go beyond the safety of the sidewalks. More effective safety measures like for example, barricades, could've been set up to prevent the people from any untoward road accidents since they have been stepping on the main road already. And this is all for the sake of some event!A few stanchions and velvet ropes here and there could keep the line more orderly and less stressful for both the people on the line and for the even coordinators, as well.

I kept wondering what that super important happening was, that people were actually willing to put aside their safety for it. I found out that it was the annual Muziklaban - or rock band contest that was held in the very accessible Mall of Asia grounds. This event did not charge anything for entrance fee and that was maybe the reason why people were so willing to stay on queue amidst the possibility of rain, stampede, or automobile dangers. Okay, so maybe the stampede part was too exaggerated , but come'on people, nothing should be more important than your own safety. It shouldn't matter that the entrance fee is free!

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