Just two years ago, I was a graduate nurse...

Hi friends,

Congratulations to all the graduates this March! I remember just 2 years ago, I was beaming graduate in after 4 years of studying Nursing, full of hope and aspirations. I never got to work lengthily as a nurse but I did have experience inside a hospital. However here in my current job, I work in an office coordinating a certain research project. 

Today, as part of my job, I visited a doctor's office inside a city hospital. It was a very old medical center but it was standing there proud. Even with it's archaic design, it boasted of very modern amenities and treatments. Sitting in the halls, waiting, I saw some nurses in their scrub uniforms walking along the hallways, probably out on their breaks, going to another department on an errand but hopefully not loitering. Somehow, it makes me reminisce the days that I have laboured inside a hospital among patients in a ward or other therapeutic areas. I also remembered the times we stood waiting for patients to treat  in the occasionally lazy emergency room. But my favorite area was, of course, the operating/ surgical theater. Being inside an operation makes me feel important, useful, dynamic and wise. We were an important part of the surgical process. We made sure that the tools were complete and prepped the area to make it as aseptic as was ideal. Ahh, how I loved being in that area! We even get to wear lab coats same as the surgeons. We sometimes hear people refer to us as doctors because of the crisp, white lab coats we proudly wore with matching white OR slippers and sometimes caps. 

As I was reminiscing in my formal office attire waiting outside that doctors office, I missed my old job. I missed my old, comfortable nursing uniforms. I never thought I would miss the way it felt to be a nurse after I have decided my office job is way better. But as they say, nursing is one of those noble jobs that asks you to give a little of yourself just to get through to your patients.This is a fulfilling profession that I would always have great memories about. Who knows? Maybe in the future, I could go back to being a nurse.But as for now, I am content just reminising.

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