Has Glee become dull?

Hi there TV show fanatics.
I am a Glee fan, but what the heck has the show been trying to prove lately?

I'm feeling a little bit sad about the show, recently. It has become boring, a drag... Kurt (Chris Colfer) used to have gotten a Golden Globe cause he was such a great performer and comedian. Now, the Glee writers have turned him into such a pessimistic whiner. It would've not been a problem if, while whining, he was still funny but he's not. The last time he was funny was the Alcohol episode when he didn't drink because he "didn't want to look sloppy". Also, this second season, we've long anticipated his on-screen kiss with Blaine ( Darren Criss). And when it did happen, I didn't feel the love connection between the two back when they sang Baby It's Cold Outside. After the kiss in the last episode, only surprise registered on Kurt's face and probably some relief. Not love, tsk tsk tsk, not love.

Sue Sylvester, used to say the funniest of lines, but the writers, I think, are trying too hard to pull off wisecracking dialogues that she has stopped being hilarious as she has once used to be. Nowadays, she's just a generic antagonist. Where was the old Sue? Where is she? The Sue who was funny. Most especially the Sue with feelings. The Sue who showed heart when she visited her older sister at the specialty care hospital and felt sympathy for Becky. Please bring her back. Sue's losing streak started  on the Glee Christmas episode when she was the Grinch and stole christmas presents. That particular episode was so cheesy and not touching at all. I mean being a grinch? Even painting her face green? I just dont know what to make of her that episode. Well, that kind of was forgivable. So I tried watching on, then, there she is again on the episode where she and her Cheerios lost the Regional Cheerleading competition. She began to look and sound like a wisecracking, unfunny, whiner. Then came the episode of the Regionals where she became the coach of Oral Intensity, a competitor of the New Directions. When the winners were announced, Sue punched the announcer! What for?!?! I dont know how that makes anything funny. I dont know what to think. What were the writers trying to make us feel? To be honest, I just dont know anymore.

Ms. Schue this second season, always, ALWAYS, gets angry and shouts at one point or another. He would shout "Enough guys!" "STOP!". Mr. Schuester, the writers decided, will be temperamental this time around. The first season, he was such an inspiration though we all felt sorry about the way his wife treated him. He was so nice, had a clean heart that always inspires the glee kids to push through. Now all that has changed with his new temper.

Recently, at the New Directions Regionals winning episode, I felt good about the story development and that finally the glee club was going straight to Nationals. But the truth is, their original song, Loser Like Me, was too early-2000-pop-song for me. It was not that good. The glee club was searching for a theme song that was epic so one would expect it would be more in the category somewhere near "Sing" by My Chemical Romance. But it wasn't. They made us raise our expectations too much and their performance in the Regionals just fell flat. Of course, Loser Like Me would win any day over the "religious" number Oral Intensity sang. At least that was funny. Then again, how on earth could their original song be better than when they lost at the 1st season regionals? They sang a Journey Medley for crying out loud. And the choreography was a lot better. Please watch the vid attached. 

Now, don't get me started about the Glee couples. I used to vouch for Rachel and Finn. Sam and Quinn were okay too. Then when the new development started and Finn & Quinn started to have feelings for each other again, I kind of liked the idea, as well. It gives the show excitement. But now Finn, Quinn, Sam, Santana, Puck, Rachel (love hexagon, seriously!) have all  become couples and interchanged partners too many times the whole season that I think I speak for most fans who do not understand anymore who will end up with who. Like I'm starting not to care any longer who would be anyone's next love interest cause the writers will probably change their minds again. At one episode, Finn likes Quinn. And Quinn likes him, and now Finn is starting to feel something again for Rachel. At another episode Quinn kinda still as feelings for Sam who was stolen by Santana then suddenly in the next episode, has her full attention to Finn. In the Valentine's Day episode, Puck falls in love with Lauren Zizes, then in the Alcohol episode, flirts with Rachel like the whole character change in the Valentines episode was forgotten. Dang, it's so confusing!

Come on, writers. I think it's time that you all start talking about the direction that you want the characters to follow, not confuse us each episode. It's like they don't communicate with each other about what the story developments would be. One writer just writes this episode and another writer writes the next without regard to how the first one was created. Glee has just become the most confusing show on earth.

But in the end, I still have high hopes for Glee. I loved how the story developed in the first season, how the characters began to be more relatable each time. I love the performances, how the songs were mixed with each other (e.g. Walking on Sunshine/Halo). I love the special episodes when they had themes, like the Madonna, Britney and Lady Gaga episodes. I love how the show makes me feel as I anticipate each episode and watch it for the first time. I truly still love Glee and I hope against hope that it rises out of its losing streak.

Have a good night,


Sendo said...

i couldn't agree more.... ang gulo na nila di nako naeexcite like before na talagang inaabangan ko sila week by week..nyaha....pero si rachel..funny pa rin hihi..idol

miss Gee said...

so true! di na patok humor nila sa'kin. lalo na ng pinasok nila sa cast si charisse (pasintabi mo sa mga charisse fans heheh)

kcatwoman said...

truly,.. boring na sina blaine and kurt..

anyway, glad to find we have something in common that we like