White Oleander by Janet Fitch

This book will probably one of my favorite books of all time. While reading the book, I've told myself, I don't think anyone could ever be in such a never-ending streak of bad luck as the lead character in the story, Astrid. But I fell in love with the story and I don't think it would be great if I were the one to write a synopsis here myself. I am not a good writer of such things. I do love the lyricism of the words used, how the story was told --in poetry and letters -- and how the emotions portrayed have haunted me long after I've read the last few words.

I love the last part. The story didn't end with a ending perse, as with real life, every "end" is a start of something new. Astrid's story is still unfinished which is something I love so much about the story. It made me hopeful about numerous other paths she might pursue after I closed the last leaf of the novel.

Astrid has also met a lot of people in her life which she never meets again. I realized that that could be true for most people as well. So many characters in our lives have helped shape who we are, and even if they have caused a significant change, we never meet them again. Those people that stay, or return, just like in Astrid's life will probably be the ones who we would most cherish.

Also, I can relate with her. She makes mistakes very repetitively or constantly. Human nature is so much like that. You make the same mistakes almost all the time. There are times that your imperfections can define you. I remember someone telling me that our Maker knows us because of our flaws. Just like her, I know where my stumbling blocks are, which are so hard to overcome because somehow you are born with them. No matter how much you know how wrong it is, you still keep making them. It takes a lot for you to fight back from those imperfections.I probably am still in that phase in my life where I am about to overcome the mistakes I make constantly. So I am not here to tell you that mistakes can be overcome, especially if they're part of your nature, but I have heard wisdom from others that we must all try hard to overcome our wrongdoings especially if they hinder our growth.

So there. I love this book. There's nothing much to wonder about knowing that this is one of Oprah's most favorite books as well.

Have a good night!

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