Finding Entertainment

Dear friends,

Being on my twenties, I wasn't too aware that work could be a little bit taxing on my own personal time. I truly would love to work out on the rest/recreation/ entertainment part of my life. So, I've listed down some of the things I would like to do or would wish to do in my quest to find more entertainment. I hope you find something you'd like.

1. Watching Local/Foreign musicals

I am very interested in musicals these days. Of course, since the advent of the television show, Glee, the awareness and publicity surrounding musicals and theater shows have heightened. One show that I truly wish to watch in Broadway is the well-loved and award-winning musical, Wicked. At present, I might not be able to watch the original cast (Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel) perform, but just being able to see and hear the live Wicked actors on a Broadway stage would be the fulfillment of my dreams! I'm pretty sure that people really line up to buy the tickets for the show and I do now that when they tour and present on a certain city or area, the tickets may easily be sold out., offers tickets on their website on some of the best musicals. They offer for example, Jersey Boys Tickets. Also sometimes when I search there, there have been times that I find discounts. I think searching the site might just be a good idea.

2.  Watch or Perform Stand up Comedy

Stand up comedies are a bit of a mystery to me. I really want to try and understand how I can be someone who thinks of so many jokes and punchlines to say to a big audience. Some perform at a small stage while some comedians make people laugh in big concert halls or stadiums. I love to watch these funny people but all the time I'm crossing my fingers so that their punchlines would make people laugh. They say comedy is harder to act out than drama. I think it requires a certain kind of intelligence and skill to be able to pull off those jokes. I know a few Asian stand up comedians like Rex Navarette who I truly appreciate and would like to watch in person. If youre a fan of stand up comedy performed by Dane Cook, Daniel Tosh, Jeff Dunham , Chris Rock, etc, you might just be able to grab , for example, Daniel Tosh Tickets in, a seller of online tickets.

3. Watch a live ball game with big-named athletes

Due to the recently concluded NBA Championships 2011, I think sports has provided so much entertainment during the present weeks. I think every guy and some girls in the office want to be constantly updated with the latest score during the 6-series games. What die-hard fans they were! Even public televisions in buses where I ride have all turned their TV sets to the championship match as Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks battle it out for the precious title.

Are you big sports fans, too?I think the site '' offers tickets to be bought for all kind of sports. In big cities where you might find it impossible to line up easily for sports tickets, fans can find, for example, New York Yankees Tickets or New York Giants Tickets just by searching the site. You can even find tickets for specific venues like United Center tickets.

Well I hope you like my simple suggestions which I hope I would be able to accomplish within the year.

Have a good day!

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