Fixing the value of Gold

As I am starting my career, and earning my own money, I begin to think about the future ahead of me. I'm sure everyone would like to find themselves secure within the next few years, within the next few decades, and all throughout retirement. It's always great to think about our individual (and our family's) financial future so we can experience contentment and be able to do the things we love without worrying.  It also pays to be wise with the way we save and invest.

I've read amazing  and helpful articles that helped me know wise investment ideas. I never thought that buying gold coins, gold bullion or other precious metals can be investments, too. As I read, I've learned that the price of gold is stable that it has outperformed other stocks especially since it's a stable and profitable vehicle as the article says. Of course, it's gold! It's not made just by cash or figures but of the real form of wealth and trade that has been used for many years.

Spot gold price or just gold price is set to provide a recognized rate for markets around the world. Gold prices are fixed by 5 important banks around the world :  Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Scotia-Mocatta, Barclays Capital, and Societe Generale.Societe Generale has recently replace other prestigious banks like Johnson Matthey and CSFB and is currently holding the fifth seat in gold price fixing in the world. Gold spot fixing is definitely an important aspect in determining the value of gold and has in fact, been done even way back in history.

So I hope this article has helped open your mind on other profitable and smart ways of investing!

Thank you!

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